UAF School of Management

Congratulations to the 2012 AIC Winners

Congratulations to all the Arctic Innovation Competition competitors who received cash prizes on Friday, October 19, 2012! Click here to view photos.


First Place, $10,000
Rick Stafford - Airlite Inflatable Snowshoes

Second Place, $5,000
Bill Bonn - Extra Deckhand Automatic Line Coiler

Third Place, $2,000
Cassandra Cerny & Nick Ferree - Hide-a-Hitch

Fourth Place, $1,000
Matthew Gruber - Adventure Touring Bicycle Hub

Honorable Mentions - $100
James Bowler - Vertical Support System for Tyvek Home Wrap
Jerry Buethe - Roller Saver
Steven Downer - Floor Plan Maker
Karl Estadola - Counter Rotating Wind Turbine Generator Perimeter: Wegen Project
Jonathon Gloria - T-Bone Grill Press
Theo Graber - Delta-T Wood Stove Generator
Chester Karella - Apps4Driving
Roy Martin - Fish Cleaner and Filleter
Susan McNeil - Environmental Mats - Plastic
Ralph Moore - Rotary Valve Cylinder Head
TJ O'Donnell - Tank Blanket
David Parsons - Wilderness Access Vehicle
Kate Schaefer - Emergency Management in FNSB
George Sikat - Crude Solutions, Oil Recover and Containment
Brandon Stevenson & Casey Jacobs - Bear Repellant/Air Horn Combo
Stefan Tica - Athletic Shoes w/ LCD Screen


First Place, $500
Matthew Velderrain - Thermal Suit

Second Place, $200
Tristan Walker - Tropicalski

Third Place - $200
James Burrow - James World

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